UltraPAC 64K manual

pin 1 location


Ensure that the radio is switched off before installing or removing the UltraPAC. When installing the UltraPAC ensure that Pin1 (marked with a triangle on the circuit board) is on the right hand side. Also confirm that the transmitter plug and the UltraPAC's socket are matched correctly. Mismatched connectors can result in damage to your transmitter and UltraPAC.


Every new CAMPac or UltraPAC must be initialised by the transmitter before it is ready for use. Most Futaba transmitters will prompt you to initialize the external memory (CAMPac or UltraPAC) on power on. Please confirm this operation which will initialise the UltraPAC for the specific type of transmitter that you are using. Due to the large amount of memory offered by the 64K UltraPAC this operation may take a few minutes to complete. However, once completed there is no need for subsequent initialisation.

For detailed information regarding writing to and accessing the external memory please consult your transmitter's manual (CAMPac section).

Handling the UltraPAC

When the UltraPAC is not installed in your transmitter, keep it safe in the provided anti-static bag. Store the UltraPAC in a dry and cool place; do not leave it in the car on a hot summer day. Avoid unnecessary handling of the UltraPAC. It is also good practice to discharge yourself from static electricity before handling the UltraPAC by touching a grounded metal surface. A water tap or the metal case of electrical equipment is usually a suitable grounding point.

If regular removal of the UltraPAC is required you may use a small piece of adhesive tape to assist you with extraction. Apply the tape on the bottom side of the circuit board leaving about 1-2cm extra. Fold this in half and stick it back on itself. This will give you a 1cm long pull-tab which you can fold under the transmitter's dust cap.


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