FlySafe3 — 3 channel Fail Safe Unit for PPM receivers


Factory made Fail Safe Unit is professionally designed for electric gliders with PPM receivers. It plugs between the receiver and servos/amp, and when radio contact is lost or broken (dead propo battery or another propo on the same frequency), FLYSAFE3 cuts the motor and keeps the plane flying predictable way. 2 channels are used with "keep" function (for elevator/aileron/rudder) and 1 channel with "cut" function is for throttle.

The main purpose is to give the pilot a few precious seconds to fix the problem (change transmitter battery or ask another guy to switch his propo off or change the frequency) and to minimize the crash damage if the problem cannot be fixed. FlySafe3

FLYSAFE3 can be used with any servo mixing (V-tail, ailevator), all settings are fully automatic, and installation is very easy -- "plug-and-fly". Anyway, please, do a full preflight check and try to switch off the transmitter while holding the model securely and watch for the proper behaviour.

FLYSAFE3 starts in safe mode if the receiver is switched on before the propo, but, please, understand this is still dangerous and should be avoided when possible -- always switch on the propo first.

WARNING: FLYSAFE3 is not an autopilot and cannot perfectly land the plane. Please, understand, flying RC planes could be dangerous sometimes and you take the full responsibility for any consequences with your models, equipped with FLYSAFE3 or not.