To access those menus you need an UltraPAC II (256K or 512K).
UltraPAC-64K does not have access to this feature.

We did not have the change to investigate these menus further as do not have our own FF8 (well, not any more). Here are some photos we very quickly took from a fellow modelers transmitter.

Software version (Ver2.0) and default transmitter program (ACRO)

Radio's total time of operation possibly in hours (141), not sure what (E) stands for.

This menu will allow you to change the switch type for every one of the 8 switches (A to H)

No idea of what it exactly does.

Some of you may be aware of the menu lockout problem of the early 8U radios. It happens if you accidentally put two "non-base" settings to a two position switch. Thus on power on you may for example get a Throttle-Cut warning on one side of the switch and a Throttle-Hold on the other which never lets you access the menu to correct the problem. The later 8U (super version) lets you skip the error warnings by pressing [+] and [-] at the same time; then amend the settings which cause the warnings. However the early 8U radios do not have this ability and the radio needs to go to Futaba.

There is a solution to this though the service menu of the radio where you can amend the corresponding switch to a "3pos". At the next power on, when the warnings come up, you just need to hold the switch to the middle for a moment and the warnings will be skipped. No need to change the switch, just hold it by hand in the middle. When the problem is fixed you may go back to the service menu and restore the switch type to "2pos".